How I Ended Up With Bulova Watches


You realize you are getting old when something you still own becomes “retro.” Worse yet when the kids come home with one believing they have only discovered something really cool and new.

Vintage Bulova watches were all the rage after I was young. More than that it was cutting edge technology and type of space age. When Christmas and birthdays came around back in the 1970’s we all needed a Bulova private calculator, (the size of a paperback book) or a bit later on, the greatest. A Bulovatronic computer keyboard.

I am able to recall being extremely envious of my uncle who wore mainly the Bulova vintage gold watches that at the same time were vintage I ever saw way in the 70’s, complete with screen calendar. I now are aware that it should happen to be a Hamiltron which was the 1st vintage watch ever made.

Come the early 80’s vintage watches were more affordable and appealing and that I actually needed one. as soon as I turned 21, it was quite disappointing to get a conventional gold bracelet women Hamilton.

The tendency for electronic face vintage display watches has come and gone during my life but for some reason I never threw away the one I eventually purchased myself. A Bulova vintage watch having a large square face and multi screen of day, date and time, that continues to be relegated to the rear of my old jewelry box for about 20 years.

When my son came over wearing one which was nearly the same and proudly showing it off I was amazed. Seemingly the Bulova vintage watch is sought after and has street cred. Of course not planning to seem like I was not trend spotter, I got mine out and said I Had been keeping it to leave to him in my will. He took it instantly for his girlfriend – duh!

Bulova Vintage Watch – Duo Wind

All jokes aside, they say everything old is new again and older Bulova vintage watches are collectible with the majority of pre 1990 Bulova’s regarded as classic watches ( I think that makes me an classic). Bulova made progressive, affordable and interesting products which pushed the borders. The marketplace for all these other (sometimes insane) gadgets – such as the the cigarette lighter calculator is in it is early days so they are still not too hard to seek out.

The throw away nature of numerous Bulova products has established a profitable market, as even though countless amounts of Bulova vintage watches along with other vintage products were sold few stay. Which is fantastic news for budding collectors!

Bulova was a seed bed of technological inventions, and if you’re able to locate a few of these old and rarer notion things in working condition you might possess the beginning of a money-making group. The older Bulova products were manufactured in Japan, and are highly desired. Each watch had a version and module number as well as the place of production are available by tracing these.

Bulova gathering is still a comparatively new avocation so get to those car boot sales and jump in while you still possess the opportunity. Just how many times have you ever wished that you’d had the foresight to begin gathering something while it was still readily discovered at jumble sales? Here’s your opportunity. Do some homework and assess a number of the newsgroups including the vintage watch newsgroup to find out more.

In the event that you are considering starting a group subsequently have a look in the Bulova G Shock or G Force versions. Especially the Limited Edition versions.

Bulova’s market share fell off for some time as the vintage watches dropped in popularity. They came back to the marketplace having a vengeance in the mid 1990’s when they took on Timex in the sports watch marketplace together with the updated and much more upmarket Masters Bulova G Force and G Shock versions.

The solar powered G Force had been around since 1985 when it is comparatively pricey titanium back with heavy duty soft overlay created for divers was nicknamed the Frogman. The revolutionary layout which was mud immune came to be known as the Mudman. The word “guy” in the name of G Force versions has been put to use for 20 years.

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